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    In addition to year round help, Echad L’Echad generously assists avreichim specifically before the yomim tovim, when expenses are higher than usual.  This support offers families...
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Rav Yitzchak Neriya
Founder of Echad L’Echad

“Starting in 2009, we have merited, under the public radar, in assisting many families from all backgrounds throughout the dati leumi community. Until now we have worked discreetly with a small group of donors. Now, after 6 years of working behind the scenes, we appeal to you to join us in our efforts.”

President Reuven Rivlin
President of Israel

“The Echad L’Echad Foundation has set up as its goal to assist families of those dedicated to the study of Torah yet encounter financial difficulties.
My friends at Echad L’Echad, I wish you much success and bless your organization that you should have much blessing throughout the year.”

Rabbi David Lau
Chief Rabbi of Israel

“I would like to express my appreciation for the Echad L’Echad Foundation. The foundation was founded by Rav Yitzchak Neriya, shlita, who zeroed in on strengthening the world of Torah in our holy land. The Echad L’Echad Foundation sees as its national mission shaping the spiritual character of the State of Israel.”

Echad L’Echad

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Words from Roshei Yeshivot