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Echad l’Echad’s new initiative is to support 500 elite, married yeshiva students learning in national-religious yeshivot throughout Israel. The students will be selected based on the recommendations of their Roshei Yeshivot and teachers. Echad l’Echad aims to support them for a period of five years allowing them to focus solely on their Torah studies in order to take on leadership roles at the end of the five year term.


Echad l’Echad hopes to provide them with a monthly stipend which will only be available to students who have served in the army and have already been learning seriously for a number of years. The stipend provided by Echad l’Echad, together with stipends provided by the yeshiva the student is learning in will make full time study more feasible. The goal of this five year period is for the students to move on to leadership positions as community rabbis,  rabbinical judges, teachers and educators.


(Picture by Aryeh Minkov, Beit El)