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Thank You Letter From Or and Yeshua Yeshiva in Haifa

Dear Rabbi Neriya, Mr. Alon and Members of Echad L’Echad,

On behalf of the Yeshiva students, we wish to express our deep thanks for your significant contribution. Our students received the scholarships with great joy and gratitude and they wish to express their appreciation for your help throughout the holiday period. We, at the Yeshiva, do all that we can to assist the students in coping with the financial challenges they face, as they devote themselves to the sanctity and study of Torah. Your support of students, who live simple lives in order to learn Torah, extends beyond the reach of our round-the-year support. It provides them with the short respite they need in order to better manage this time of year, when expenses are high.

Even though we are a relatively small Yeshiva, many of our students work in education and in the Rabbinate. This week we were once again privileged to have over ten of our students and graduates take the Chief Rabbinate of Israel exams. We are very glad to have formed a relationship with your foundation for the first time, allowing students to further grow in the study of Torah and make a positive influence on their surroundings.

May Hashem continue to help you, may you always be among those capable of giving, may you enjoy abundance and success, and in the merit of Torah learning may you be granted nachas and joy for many years to come.


Best regards,

Dov Yatzin, Student Director

The Or and Yeshua Yeshiva in Haifa

On behalf of the Yeshiva Director and students

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