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Thank You Letter From T.R.

Dear members of the Foundation,

I, along with all of my Yeshiva friends, wish to thank you for the contribution and support you have granted us before Pesach, as well as previous chagim. Each time your contributions are given with such wonderful generosity! Despite many students struggling to make a living, we chose the Torah. We prefer living simple lives within the walls of the Beit Midrash, rather than forsake our studies and live in abundance. Our Torah studies are permanent, and our work is temporary much thanks to you. When a Yeshiva student wants to get married and begins to fear for his livelihood, then we always know there is someone there to help. In this way, many students in the Yeshiva feel financially secure.

Thank you for your wonderful support and thank you for the important role you are taking in enhancing the Torah throughout the world. May you have a Pesach kasher v’sameach.

From T.R. and all of the Yeshiva students

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