What is the Echad l’Echad Foundation?

The Echad l’Echad Foundation was established approximately five years ago in order to provide help and support for Torah institutions, needy families and those dedicated to full time Torah learning with the dati leumi community. The foundation works in conjunction with the heads of Religious Zionist yeshivot and community rabbis and based on their recommendations grants support to families in need.


What is the meaning of the foundation’s name “Echad l’Echad”? What is unique about this foundation?

The foundation, as its name indicates, makes sure that 100% of donations go directly to their destination. Every dollar donated is sent in its entirety directly to the foundation’s recipients. All administrative expenses are paid for by a private donor. The foundation works openly and honestly, allowing donors to decide at any time where they want their money directed to.

There are so many foundations, organizations and chessed funds. My mailbox is already exploding… Why should I give specifically to Echad l’Echad?

All of these organizations are great and worthy of giving to, however, Echad l’Echad cares for those close to us. The foundation supports Torah institutions, needy families and those dedicated to full time Torah learning with the dati leumi community. A community considered immune to such issues, but unfortunately, because of the challenging times we live in, also needs financial assistance. Your partnership in the foundation’s activities will enable you to support those from your own community.

How do you figure out who is really in need?

At the Echad l’Echad foundation community rabbis are at the forefront of our activities. They learn about each family’s particular situation and needs. Based on their recommendations the foundation decides an appropriate amount to grant each particular family.

Can I recommend to the foundation families in need from my community?

We would be happy to support all needy families. Please send us the details of the family and we, in conjunction with the community rabbi, will check if the family meets our foundation’s criteria for assistance.

How can I become a partner of the foundation?

With your support we will be able to reach a wider range of needy families. You can also support those dedicated to full time Torah learning and talmidei chachamim. Your donation helps in creating a social-Torah revolution within Am Yisrael.