About Us

What Is Echad l’Echad?

The Echad l’Echad foundation is a main address and an attentive ear for the Religious Zionist community, intended in advancing the values of the Torah, the nation and the land of Israel. Our mission is to foster the growth of talmidei chachamim within the dati leumi community, who are idealistic and passionate in taking active roles in shaping the spiritual character of the State of Israel.

Who do we support?

  • Echad l’Echad supports Torah students who choose to sit and continue their Torah studies strengthening themselves spiritually and eventually the communities in which they will live.
  • Echad l’Echad supports needy families throughout Israel including families living in settlemets: Yehuda V’shomron, Binyamin, Har Chevron and Gush Etzion.

How is our distribution process unique?

One of the basic operating principles of Echad l’Echad is to involve community rabbis in a leadership capacity. We believe that as community leaders, rabbis must be engaged in the lives of all members of their communities. As such, rabbis are heavily involved in the decision process. After distributing forms to each family and learning about their particular needs, every rabbi meets individually with our distribution board. After hearing about each family’s personal situation and specific needs, the fund, together with each rabbi, decide an appropriate amount to grant each particular family.